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Halie OFarrell (Halie Clark), owner of Halo Organizing sitting and smiling in a chair.


My name is Halie, owner of Halo Organizing. I have been working in organizing and design for over a decade, creating what I like to call "functional beauty" in spaces across homes and corporate locations. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients personally, allowing me to uniquely customize spaces that are functional, peaceful, and beautiful. I'd love to collaborate with you to create your perfect space that aligns with your goals, where I'll guide you with compassion, open communication, active listening, and attention to detail. Together, we'll create an environment that brings joy, inspiration, and productivity to your everyday life. Contact me today, and let's transform your space into a sanctuary of your dreams!



The below services are customized to your unique needs. Each start with a complimentary

in-your-space or virtual consultation.

*Booking more than one space in the same area is highly recommended and will be advised during consultation.

Custom Organized Spaces

Fully designed around your needs and through consultation, I'll create customized zones that function to fit your lifestyle and family, or flow of business. This process involves decluttering, planning zones and placement for every item, purchasing products that fit your space, design aesthetic, and specific item needs, then labeling all products and zones for future maintenance and long-term sustainability for all that use the area.

Unpacked to Organized

Unpacking can be a daunting process. Let me do the work by not only getting your items out of the box, but by also creating a space for every item to live in, and live in beautifully. From here, we can move into my "Custom Organized Space" service, where I will recommend and shop for organizational products fully complete with labels to take your space to the next level of organization and functionality. This process ensures future sustainability, so you only need to move your items once!

"The name of this business pretty much sums up the experience you can expect! The owner wears a halo and glides through your space improving every aspect of it! ..."

Phylicia Williams


Kid Spaces

The Garage

Kitchens & Pantries

Laundry & Utility

Multi-purpose Spaces

Office Space


Let's Work Together

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